Lost Woods


Darrin Noland leads a deliberate and careful life, but when his old friends spring a camping trip on him it's a good time he can't run from. The escape turns south when Darrin finds out the unsettling news that Warren, someone he has avoided since junior high, is also along for the ride. Darrin attempts to avoid an awkward reunion but horrible events caused by a mysterious creature force him to face his regretful past and take on his beast within.

Cast & Crew

  • Directed By: Phillip Ellering, Nathan Ellering
  • Starring: Joey Brown, Garret Vander Leun, Nina Brissey, Phillip Ellering, Nathan Ellering
  • Supporting Cast: Michael Cowger, Kristen Ellering, Andy Hobart, CD Twitchell, Jack Ellering, Jordan Ellering, Josh Shawano, Joe Ellering, Mike Canas, Ryan Kennedy, Mike Mollett, Eugene Khodak, Tosh Matteis, Chris Ellering and Lucy The Dog
  • Composer/Original Music: Cody James, Jaysen Lewis
  • Festivals:
    The Indie Fest (2011), Independent Filmmakers Showcase (2012), Mountain Film Awards (2012)
  • Awards:
    Best Thriller Film (Mountain Film Awards, 2012), Award of Merit (The Indie Fest, 2011)
  • Special Features:
    -Audio Commentary
    -Deleted Scenes

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