After the Dawn


Cassie Becker faces a new world of terrifying realization. The Human Race has suffered terrible recourse after a warfare born chemical attack, leaving the remaining inhabitants in a state far less than human. While searching for loved ones, Cassie must fight an onslaught of creatures once human.

Cast & Crew

  • Directed By: Mitchel A. Jones
  • Producer(s): Mitchel A. Jones, Nicole Kruex, Winston James, Nicholas Markgraf, Alex Huffman
  • Starring: Nicole Kruex, Tommy Propson, Shane McCaffrey, Aaron Courteau
  • Supporting Cast: Charles Hubbell, Jim Westcott, James Norgard, Sara Atkinson, Michelle DeSelms, Mike O'Loughlin, Dale Greber
  • Composer/Original Music: Devlin Andersen, Simon Wilkinson
  • Special Features:
    -Audio Commentary
    -Exclusive "Infidels" Music Video
    -Behind the scenes featurette
    -Zombie Shorts Contest Winners

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