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We're keeping a hand-picked selection of movies on our channel at the new Vimeo On Demand. Some of the perks include incredible HD quality, availability on most devices, and a 1-week viewing period. Check it out today!

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Apocalypse Kiss

Apocalypse Kiss

Adrian, a serial killer with O.C.D. fights for his place in the media while two nomadic lesbians are getting the credit for his murders. Meanwhile, the world as they know it is about to come to an end.

Coming May 6th



In this 80s style slasher with a new school twist, nine vacationing twenty-somethings travel to a posh timeshare cabin in Cutter's Creek for a hedonistic weekend. But their weekend of boozing and sex turns to horror when an axe-wielding local legend comes to life!


  • Apocalypse Kiss
  • Rabid Love
  • Dead of the Nite
  • Infinite Santa 8000

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